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Yummy In My Tummy And Happy In My Heart 

Since we are mostly settled in and I have my kitchen somewhat workable, I decided to start cooking and posting recipes again. Tonight I made stuff peppers and mashed potatoes for dinner. The recipe had to be altered slightly from normal recipes because our commissary doesn’t have a large variety options for ingredients. Jeremy was quite happy with how it all turned out. You can find the recipe here the stuff peppers on the recipe blog. 

Tonight I did get some disappointing news followed by some happy news. The disappointing news is I won’t be working this week. Combination of the weather and one of the children of the woman I am replacing is sick, so she is unable to go. I can’t go by myself because I don’t have a car yet and I’m not use to driving in Japan yet. However I spoke to Junko, the actual teacher of the class, and she is interested in possibly adding more classes to my schedule! That would be amazingly awesome! This is an experience that I am very blessed to have. 

Typhoon Nangka is still schedule to hit here. They have updated the info to show it hitting closer to here than originally thought. I’m going tomorrow to stock up on supplies. Currently we are at Tropical Cyclone Condition of Readiness 4 (TCCOR4) meaning destructive winds of 58 mph or greater are possible within 72 hours. I’ll keep y’all updated as I get more information. 


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