Finding Love With A Little Help From The Other Side

Just to let you know that sometimes my posts time lines are a little delayed from when they are written. Like for right now as I write this post, Jeremy is currently still away at recruiting school but if you follow my social media (and you really should if you want to stay up to date with everything) you know that Jeremy has actually been back for ten days. Anyways, right now I am watching cheesy Sandra Bullock chick flicks while I write. These movies are making me think back to how Jeremy and I met.

Everyone seems to have cute stories of how they met the person they’re with. The way Jeremy and I met is definitely unique. We met over five years ago. When we met, neither of us were looking for a relationship. We were both dealing with awful breakups. We started talking on a social media page and at first had no intentions of ever meeting each other. I don’t know how but we got on to the topic of ghosts and ghost hunting. He told me about how he had problems with spirits scaring his two roommates. I recommended that he contact the paranormal team in Wilmington that I was training to see if they would come out to do an investigation. The team was about an hour from him, so it seemed like the best solution. They came out to do an investigation. Actually, they came out to do a few investigations. The amount of evidence they got was overwhelming.

Jeremy ended up joining the team to learn more about ghost hunting and to help the team with their tech equipment after talking to the team for a bit. Jeremy and I started dating shortly after he joined the team and he convinced me to start applying for jobs in his town since the job market was better there. I ended up getting hired faster than I was expecting. He’s roommates, terrified about what was going on in the house, moved out. Since I needed a place to stay and he needed roommates to afford his house, it seemed like the smart idea to move in together.

At The Ball
Me and Jeremy

Between dealing with his ghosts in his house, my ghost, and issues with both our previous marriages, things were interesting to say the least. While he was trying to deal with finalizing his divorce, I was dealing with a local news station about my ex. We were also renovating Jeremy’s home. All of that emotion and changing of the house, really stirred up the spirits in his house. In Jeremy’s house there were at least four spirits (not including Al). These are ghost that came up repeatedly with different investigations. We also had three different teams that received the same information by the end of their investigation.

Three of them seem to be a family, Paul (a Marine from the 50’s judging by the hat and trench coat he likes to show himself in), Anna (his daughter), and Rosie or Rosa or Rose (she is either Paul’s wife or mistress and Anna’s mom). Paul would show himself as a dark shadow. Usually walking outside the house or down the hallway and through the wall that went into the garage. He showed up whenever we were doing renovations. Anna liked to giggle, run through the house, and just be a mischievous little girl. Rose (as I called her) let it be known when we slept in too late by slamming the kitchen cabinets repeatedly until we got up. We would also hear vacuuming noises which was odd because all the carpet had been ripped out by Jeremy months earlier and there were only cement floors. The fourth spirit was uncooperative. It was just a black mass that like to throw things. It would hang out in corners just watching people. It was creepy but not necessarily evil. It threw chevrons at Jeremy one day and once threw a rock that was on our mantel at one of the cats we had at the time as it walked into the kitchen. This dark spirit also liked to scare Anna. Occasionally we would hear her scream. Hearing a child scream in terror in the middle of the afternoon while knowing you are the only living person in the house is a very unsettling.

Gizmo (the cat that had a rock thrown at by a spirit)
Gizmo (the cat that had a rock thrown at by a spirit)

I had mentioned before that Jeremy and I had a ghost serve as a relationship counselor before. Back in the early days of us dating, we both were realizing how draining it was dealing with our exes plus dealing with everything else in our lives. We actually started considering maybe we should break up until things were calmer. I needed a moment, so I was laying in the bedroom while Jeremy was in the kitchen and living room cleaning (he cleans when he is upset). He had only been out of the room for a few minutes when I felt the corner of the bed go down like someone was sitting there. I looked over and I could see that it was pressed down. I had it a feeling it was Al. I told Al I was okay and that I wanted to be alone for a bit. The bed let up. About 20 minutes later Jeremy came in and asked if I was okay. He said that he had been hearing knocking in the hallway, but it stopped when started down the hallway, so he went back to cleaning. He heard the knocking again but this time he realized it was starting at the hallway closest to him and going down the wall towards the bedroom and then start over again. So, he finally followed it and that’s when he came to check on me. He said he thought Al wanted him to check on me. Jeremy and I ended up talking as you can tell since we are still together, we decided to give the relationship another chance.

Wedding Day
At Kikko Park
Sunset Kiss

Spirits ultimately brought us together and thanks to one kind hearted spirit, kept us together. We don’t have kids and if we ever do, I’m sure their relationships with spirits will be as unique as ours have been. Our cats seem to enjoy them.

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