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I apologize for not writing in a few weeks. Life has been keeping us busier than we expected. We have been getting settled into our home, getting Jeremy set up at his new office and getting my dog treat business going. It feels good to finally sit down and write again. I’m gratefully that things are finally starting to calm down. I’ve been feeling like a chicken with its head cut off. Thank you for waiting for me to get settled into the house.

 We are still setting up our house. We finally got a few more pieces of furniture for the house but it’s still 85% empty. A few more weeks and our main shipment should be here. We received our express shipment (which is half of kitchen stuff) last week. I have no idea where we are going to put everything. We have a lot less kitchen storage areas as we did in Iwakuni. We will make it work somehow though. We always do.

Boxes in the dining room

It was a fun day when our express shipment showed up. That morning Jeremy and I had woken up to a cat crying outside. We couldn’t see anything from our bedroom windows and it didn’t sound like it was hurt, so we didn’t pay it any mind. Later we went downstairs to put our shoes on, so I could run him to work. After walking out to our sun room I saw a tiny kitten standing on its hind legs looking it the window by the front door. I opened the door to check on him and he bolted inside to curl up at Jeremy’s feet. Jeremy brought down some cat food, water and a litter box for him so he could stay in the sunroom until I came back. I posted on all the selling pages for the area, took him to the vet to see if he had a microchip and called animal control. No one was missing a kitten. It’s been a week now and still no one has claimed him. We decided that if no one does come forward, we will adopt him ourselves. In the meantime, the kitten has chosen the name Valar Morghulis as his name. Jeremy called it out and the cat came running both times. It’s a Game of Thrones phrase meaning “All Men Must Die”.

Valar Morghulis

Anyways, while I was in town dealing with Valar, I received a phone call from our move coordinator saying our express shipment had arrived and that they could deliver it that day in 45 minutes. I explained I wasn’t home at the moment and asked if we could reschedule for the next day or later in the afternoon. She said that I had either 45 minutes to get home or they could reschedule for the beginning of September. Well, as you can tell by the previous paragraph I quickly made my way home because we can’t go another month without our kitchen stuff. Plus, Rampu was in that shipment. We needed him here with us as soon as possible. He is the quietest of our ghosts, but we have missed his presence. I am happy to say that he made it in one piece. Even his light bulb managed to survive.

Moving Truck

Jeremy started at his new office last week. So far, he likes recruiting. Other than the long hours, we haven’t seen the negative side of it that we have heard so much about from other recruiting families. Oddly we both kind of like the long hours. He goes in later in the morning, so we actually get to spend some of the morning together. The longer hours mean I have time to get more work done than I normal have a chance to do. He is currently in St. Louis for training. He will be back this weekend. Since we moved here we have been down there twice (this is his third time) so he could check in to the command and for family day. The family day was interesting. It was basically a class about what recruiting is and what to expect. It was great meeting some of the other families that are a part of this recruiting station.

Recruiting Shop

I have also been working hard at getting my dog treat business up and running. I’m hoping to have it up next week or so. Actually, yesterday the local newspaper came by yesterday to interview me and take pictures of the treats. It was pretty exciting. Abby, one of the other recruiter wives in Jeremy’s shop, brought one of her pups over to be photographed as well. Kind of hard to sell dog treats when you only have cats.

Speaking of interviews, yesterday I had a great interview with Weird Wacky Wonderful Podcast about this blog. It was my first time I’ve ever been on a podcast. I loved talking to Shelly and Bella. If you are looking for a fun podcast that talks about ghosts, aliens, and all things kooky, I highly recommend Weird Wacky Wonderful Podcast. I will post a link when the episode is live but, in the meantime, definitely go check them out. I’m sure that y’all will enjoy it.

Podcast Pic

Well I have to get back to unpacking boxes. Le sigh. Come back next week for more posts. In the meantime, have any of y’all had anything paranormal happen to y’all recently? I would love to hear about it. Also if you have any questions for me, don’t hesitate to email me at

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