My Life Is Crazy, Spooky, Fun.

Happy Tuesday Readers! I hope y’all are having a great week. Things around here are still crazy busy but as you know, that’s how I love it. If you have been following my social media, you already know that Rampu has been pretty active this weekend. I even managed to catch him turning on on video! Normally he is camera shy and won’t turn on or off until shortly after I lower my phone or camera. Friday morning Rampu woke me up by flashing on and off quite a bit around 5am. I’m happy he did because I got to watch a gorgeous sun rise. I have never seen lilac colored skies before. I think he was active because later Friday morning we had a few thunderstorms come through the area.

He had me worried yesterday and yesterday morning. He hadn’t turned on all day on Sunday. Then Sunday night I had weird dreams about Rampu and the girl from the well in Rings (which I haven’t seen in two years). I vaguely remember waking up and seeing Rampu turn on and off but by the time I woke up he was off. I went to touch him to see if he would turn on and I had no response. I tried checking the bulb which is very dark for a light bulb. It looks like it should be burnt out by the discoloration. Even after checking the bulb, Rampu wouldn’t turn on when I touched him. As a last resort I unplugged him and plugged him back in. Finally, he turned on and off when I touched but only once. I guess he is having a quiet few days. We all need days when we don’t do anything. Even ghosts get tired I guess.


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Another interesting that happened this weekend is Jeremy had something thrown at him on Saturday. Jeremy has two cell phones that he has to carry around at all times. One is his recruiter phone and the other is his personal phone. He came home Saturday evening and had set his phones on the headboard after sitting down on the bed. He had them stacked one on top of the other. After setting them down he turned around on the bed to watch TV. That’s when he felt something hit him in the back. It was both of his phones still stuck together. The top of the headboard is flat and wide. The phones weren’t set near the edge at all. Plus, he has pillows stacked up against the headboard that are actually taller than the headboard. Meaning if the phones had just simply fallen they would have ended behind the pillows but instead they hit him in the back. We tried several times to figure out how they could have just fallen but everything had them falling behind the pillows and never sticking together. Not entirely sure if it was something paranormal but it definitely got our attention. If it was paranormal we aren’t sure which spirit it is that was trying to get our attention. Who knows? Maybe we have a new spirit that is trying to reach out to us. Throwing things are not the norm for Al, Rampu, or Dad. I can’t wait to get our shipment from Japan in, so we can have our ghost hunting equipment again. I miss being able to communicate with our spirits.

Speaking of communicating with ghosts, coming this November I will be offering classes on how to ethically ghost hunt. It will cover everything from how to investigate, how to use basic equipment, how to review for evidence, and so much more. I am still working out the details, but I wanted to see how many people would be interested in this. I will be offering an online course and in person course. They both cover the same things but the in person would have at least two investigations included in the course. The online course would include one on one skype or facetime with me in addition to the videos I share in the course. I want to help people learn how to ghost hunt in a way where they can get great evidence and in a way that is safe for them and the spirits.


I have been researching haunted locations to do some investigations at. I will be planning some investigations for the later this year. I have been trying to find some local places, but I also want to check some of the locations off my bucket list. I will be in North Carolina and Virginia for the tail end of September for my mom’s birthday. I will definitely be making some detours to check out some cool places. If any of y’all are close to where I am investigating you’re more than welcome to come and join me (if it is okay with the owners of the property of course). I’m willing to share any equipment I have with me if you want to join me. If y’all can’t join me for the investigations, I will go live on Facebook so y’all join in on the adventures. If you have any suggestions for places I need to check out let me know in the comments or shoot me an email.

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