Splashes From The Past

Why do so many campgrounds seem to be the locations of murders? Is it because no one can hear the victim scream for help? The two campgrounds that I am writing about today have spirits who are still looking for help and reliving their murders. These spirits don’t know that their murder has been solved and made the news and other television programming all of over the country. They don’t know they are more famous dead than they were alive.

Big Moose Lake

Named for the original settlement that was located near this lake in New York, Big Moose Lake is a beautiful camp ground with cabins and canoe rentals available for those who just want to get away for a bit. Too bad, Grace Brown wasn’t able to get away from her murderer.

Grace Brown was a young woman who was visiting the area with her boyfriend, Chester Gillette. Gillette was the nephew of the owner of the company that Grace worked for. Grace and Gillette had been dating for over two years when she discovered that she was pregnant. She tried to convince Gillette that they should get married for the sake of the child. Unfortunately, Gillette was too much of a ladies’ man to be taken off the market by a mere child. Grace thought that the trip to Big Moose Lake with Gillette would involve the proposal she desperately wanted. After arriving at the campground on July 11th, 1906, Gillette rented a row boat in which he loaded his suitcase, tennis racket, and his pregnant girlfriend in for a ride on the lake. While on the lake, Gillette took the tennis racket and hit Grace on the head. This cause Grace to fall out of the boat and drown. When the row boat wasn’t returned that evening, the owner called the police to look for Gillette and Grace. The next morning the row boat was found overturned. Later that day Gillette was found in a hotel room. He first denied knowing Grace and then denied killing her before admitting to it all.

Chester Gillette & Grace Brown
Chester Gillette & Grace Brown

Now a days, vistors to Big Moose Lake have seen Grace out on the boat in the middle of the lake. They say that she falls out of the boat and can be seen struggling in the water before she and the boat fade away. Splashing can be heard for a while longer after they have faded from sight. Some visitors have reported seeing her walking around the outside of the cabins or walking along the lakeshore. Guests have even commented on seeing her turn the lights off in their cabins at night. Visitors, mostly women, report feeling sudden overwhelming grief and sadness for no reason.

For more about Grace’s murder and what happened to Chester Gillette please check out this website.

Braley Pond

Not all the ghosts that haunt this campground are due to a murder, but the victim’s spirit is the most reported spirit in this Virginia campground. Located in George Washington and Jefferson National Park in West Augusta, Virginia, the beautiful sights of Braley Pond hide the dark recent past that haunts the shores of the pond.

On May 22, 2003 a teenage boy was lured to his death. Christopher Kennedy was just 19 years old when a couple of gang members killed him. He was stabbed 13 times and left half submerged on the edge of the pond. Since his murder people have reported hearing splashing in the area of his death, spirits hovering over the water, and sudden feelings of intense nausea and dread. They also have to fight the overwhelming urge to go into the water despite no swimming being allowed. Paranormal investigators note that their electronics’ batteries seem to drain unusually fast in this area.

There are other spirits and phenomenon that are experienced here. Children can be hear laughing and singing when no one is around. Huge green orbs float through the trees. Shadows dart behind trees out of the corner of visitors’ eyes.

For more information about camping or visiting Braley Pond, Please check out this website.

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