A Date Night With Our Dog

Between this move and all of it’s surprises, Bagheera getting sick, me getting sick (thankfully it was only a cold but it knocked me out for most of the weekend), and the military screwing up Jeremy’s pay last week, we needed a break and something to get us into the Christmas spirit. On Sunday night, Jeremy, John Paul and I loaded up into the car to go do something fun. 

Our first stop was a restaurant that I heard about that was dog friendly. The Lazy Dog is a gorgeous restaurant. They allow dogs on the patio area and in the lobby of the restaurant. Even though it is southern California, I was grateful for the multiple large heaters that the restaurant had set up and large fire in the fire pit. It was quite warm and toasty despite being cold outside. The waitress brought John Paul a bowl of water when she brought our waters. Jeremy ordered the fettuccine Alfredo. I ordered a chicken pot pie and John Paul ordered a hamburger patty with veggies and brown rice. All three dishes looked incredible. Unfortunately we did have to comb through John Paul’s food carefully because I noticed chunks of raw onion mixed in with the vegetables. The waiter offered to bring him a new bowl but we weren’t worried about him getting sick. He’s had small pieces of onion before (not intentionally, just him snagging pieces that fell while chopping an onion) without getting sick and we were able to pick all the pieces out. 

While mine and Jeremy’s food looked delicious, we were really surprised how bland it actually was. Even with salt and pepper, it was just kind of blah. Despite all that, we enjoyed our time at The Lazy Dog. Jeremy and I didn’t order dessert but we couldn’t deny John Paul dessert. Especially when they had his favorite which is giant bowl of whipped cream. 

After dinner, we wanted to go check out Christmas lights because we haven’t seen any other than the ones in our neighborhood. We headed over to the Church of Latter-Day Saints Temple to check out their light display because the websites we fund said that they were open to walk through the lights until 11pm every day. When we pulled up to the property, the gates were opened. We decided to park on the street by the gates because we saw every one else parking there. Unfortunately, somehow between the time it took us to park and walk to the gates, the gates were closed with signs that said that the temple grounds were closed. We had a nice walk along the fence to see some of the lights. The temple itself looks absolutely gorgeous and I can’t wait to visit it. Jeremy and I will be back later this week to try again to see the lights. 

Since we still wanted to see Christmas lights, Jeremy suggested we go to Candy Cane Lane which he had heard about through a local YouTuber. Thankfully it wasn’t that far away. Candy Cane Lane is a large neighborhood where the houses decorate their yards and houses with large inflatables, cutouts, and LOTS of lights. It was so cool to drive through and see all the festive displays. It really reminded me a lot of the Candle Light Lane which is a similar set up we use to take the pets to go see on Christmas Eve in Champaign but this was MUCH larger both in the size of the of the displays and the size of the neighborhood. I think my favorite house was the one with a couple of ladies who were doing Jazzercise in the driveway to Christmas music. 

Even though things didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, the three of us still had a great time. I love living in a town where we have so options on places we can take John Paul with us. I can’t wait to explore more restaurants that allow that and maybe even some of the bars when I am able to start drinking alcohol again (I can’t really drink until I’m a year out from my surgery date). Thanks to Carlie, I have learned of some stores that I can take John Paul with me. John Paul is a well behaved dog that listens well on and off leash. He is also hypoallergenic and doesn’t shed so I don’t have to worry about people being allergic to him or leaving a mess somewhere. I do make sure to gage how people around us are responding to his presence and will quickly take him out of an area if I see someone is uncomfortable near him or might be fearful of dogs. I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable when they are out running errands too. I just like being able to socialize my dog and not leave him cooped up in his kennel while I’m out. 

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