This Week’s Theme: Utah

This week we are checking out a couple of haunted locations in the great state of Utah! It’s been a few decades since I’ve been to Utah. When I was a teenager I visited Salt Lake City. Mainly I was there with friends to check out the Mormon Tabernacle which I absolutely loved. I really want to go back to Utah and check out more places. The places we are checking out are two fairly well known locations but I think they are great to talk about because they have something unique going on with their hauntings. I’m really excited to share these with you. 

I know I normally share posts on Sundays that take place in the state that we are talking about but some how we haven’t discussed locations in Utah yet! I don’t know how because there are so many haunted locations and some really cool urban legends that are found in Utah. But in honor of Valentine’s Day tomorrow I will share these links to these romantic paranormal posts I’ve shared over the years. I hope you have a great Valentine’s Day and a wonderful week! 

Finding Love With A Little Help From The Other Side

I Thee Haunt, In Sickness And In Death

Love Lasts Long After Death

I Will Not Watch The Ocean

This Love Is Supernatural

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